Jeanette Bevilacqua, ARNP, Ed.D
Transgender Consultants:
Dr. Jeanette Bevilacqua                           Dr. Arthur Ellison
 Psychotherapist                                        Transgender Consultant

We are dedicated to those involved in a transgendered/cross dressed relationship.  For many people the biggest challenge when seeking advice about cross dressing or transgenderism is how to manage the existing relationship particularly when one is involved in a long term relationship or is currently involved with a transgendered person. 
   In Essense, the critical point is Know yourself:   Introspection and self-reflection are critical to achieving satisfaction in our personal goals but we tend to look to other sources than within when feeling discouraged or “lost”. Take the time to thoughtfully consider your own values and beliefs and aligning your goals with these values and beliefs is one benefit of knowing thyself. Recognizing your own personal needs from relationships and knowing what strengths and limitations you bring to these   Join Dr's Alycia Ellison and  JeanetteBevilacqua, a professional crossdressing couple,in exploring your transgender issues. Through Enigma Gender Consultants, we offer a wide variety of educational programs, workshop retreats and travel opportunities designed especially for the crossdresser, his significant other,  transgender couples and trans-sexuals.    We also offer confidential sensitive and knowledgeable counseling  for male heterosexual crossdressers and their wives / partners in various secure settings as well as the trans-sexual, prior to and after surgery


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