Jeanette Bevilacqua, ARNP, Ed.D
                     The Therapy Process
The art and practice of my psychotherapy approaches are individually evaluated for each client from a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional therapy techniques dealing with emotional, mental, spiritual, interpersonal, familial, physiological, nutritional and environmental factors, just to name a few. Therefore if I have studied and utilize in the therapy process traditional strategies from insight therapy, family systems therapy, cognitive/behavioral therapy, solution focused brief therapy, and energy medicine techniques. In addition, there is a whole world nontraditional complementary healthcare practices that can provide additional safe and noninvasive options. I have decided to “Go beyond traditional talk therapy” and have included a variety of these techniques to complement the traditional therapy process, when indicated. Sometimes thoughts and words are just not enough, and these techniques address the subtle imbalance of body energies that contribute to stress and disease. The BodyTalk System is the primary energy medicine technique that I utilize and have been an instructor and advanced practitioner since 2002. In addition I have studied and continue to utilize selected components of E M D R, Neuro-Emotional Techniques, Touch for Health, and Hypnotherapy/Guided Imagery, of course with client information and consent.
     Depression, Anxiety States, Compulsive/Addictive Patterns, Traumatic Memories, Pain Syndromes, Sexual Response Concerns, Loss & Grief Responses, Transgender Issues, Chronic Illness Adjustment, Gay & Lesbian Concerns, Codependency, Lifestyle Adjustment
   These are some of the common complaints and diagnostic labels that signify the emotional pain experienced by so many people. The different symptoms that arise are often born out of a sense of being overwhelmed with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. These labels are important, but not as important as addressing the human needs expressed by these symptoms. Having a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship is significant in overcoming the challenges you face, and in creating successful coping solutions for now and in the future. You are more than your symptoms!

     When you are inquiring about therapy services, I will respond directly to you to discuss your situation and to set up the initial appointment. I am a solo part-time practitioner without an office staff taking care of all business transactions, affording you direct, personalized and confidential care. You are welcome to ask for a Free Consultation by telephone or in person in order to help you to make this important informed decision.

                                             Therapy Guidelines

                        Therapy sessions: Office, Telephone, Home Visit

***Although you may have a variety of acute or chronic health problems, please be thoughtful and prioritize what issues to realistically address in the relatively short span of time of the therapy process. Hopefully this will add to your sense of accomplishment and avoid frustrations. We can plan together and prioritize your goals.

***Plan ahead and come prepared for your 50 minute session. At the office I will ask you to write down your session goals, or come prepared with them as this keeps the focus on your needs.  Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before if possible, so that you are rested focused. Please make sure that you have had food and water so that your body will not rebel.

***I do not prescribe medications. However, I am able to assess your need for medication, and offer appropriate referrals. In addition, I will be able to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your medication and look for any side effects.

Fees & Insurance:

***The rate for my comprehensive therapy services, regardless of techniques utilized, range between $120-$150 per-session. Couple and family sessions, as well as home visit fees are negotiated separately. The sliding scale fee will be individually assessed for need. All fees are due at the time of service, unless planned in advance.

***Cancellation fees are standard for the minimum of 24 hours notification in advance, except for extenuating circumstances, and will be charged at the full rate. 

***I offer an optional pre-payment financial plan essentially offering the fifth session free, when you pay in advance for four sessions.

***Personal checks, cash and all major credit cards are accepted.

***Insurance rates are determined by your individual plan, and sometimes have to be authorized in advance. You are responsible for the applicable co-pay. Please understand that utilization of insurance may cause some concerns. For example, I have to provide them with a diagnostic code, which is usually determined as a medical necessity. This invites the insurance company to make a determination of your care by how many sessions they authorize, and often who they decide you can see. In addition, this may interfere with your confidentiality, as diagnosis is recorded and filed. There are no similar constraints for self-pay.

***At this time I am a provider for United Behavioral Health, and Web TPA.

***Out-of-network insurance benefits are often available for you. Ask your insurance representative for "Outpatient mental health counseling with a non-participating provider.” Provide them with my name and credentials and if necessary my tax ID number (65-0413815). Many policies offer a percentage of reimbursement, for example 30% through 75%. You are responsible for your fee, and I will provide you with a statement to submit.

Confidentiality & Privacy:

***The law protects the relationship between a client and therapist, and information cannot be disclosed without written permission.

***Exceptions: 1, Suggested abuse (child, dependent adult, elder) for which I am required by law to report to authorities immediately. 2, The direct intention to harm yourself. Every effort will be made to ensure your safety by cooperative effort, until the crisis passes. However, I am required by law and my professional ethics to take further measures, without permission, to ensure your safety. 3, The threat of serious bodily harm to another person requires that I immediately informed the police, and the intended victim.






























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