Jeanette Bevilacqua, ARNP, Ed.D
I am walking for breast cancer, education, research and treatment because I am one of the lucky ones, a survivor and a thrivor!!!!  Many others are not as lucky and I walk to honor them and all of us who have suffered from this terrible disease. This photo represents the exhilaration of the 3 day Komen walk in 2011, and incredible and inspirational experience.

Now I am in training for the AVON walk in NYC on October 19-20, 2013.  Thats 39 miles in 2 days with a fundraising total of $1800.  Please go to and donate generously and find me under my name, my team "Boob & Boobless from the Bronx", or my participant number 383078.

 I thank you for supporting my efforts and supporting this worthwhile cause.  Follow me on Face Book where I will document the experience. 
Thank you,  Jeanette

Breast Cancer

In 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and endured a bilateral mastectomy, and thankfully have remained healthy since that shocking and overwhelming experience.

I mention this here because my experience with this potentially life-threatening disease and its disfiguring consequences has yet been another challenging episode in my life, one where I've had to utilize all of my skills, personality and belief systems to get through it…not only as a survivor, but a thrivor. Through all of the trauma and drama, I was determined to learn more about myself and make this a life-changing personal experience. At least I can control that!

I am very open about this experience and have written, talked openly with people, and have done some educational presentations. Therefore, if my experience can be of assistance to you, yours or your organization then I am ready, willing, and able. For me, this puts it all in perspective and helps me move on successfully.

As a result I have made significant health changes in my emotional, interpersonal, mental, physical, and environmental self. Through the years, I have done much personal work on myself, yet this experience made me look deep again… as it should!  My personal journey has also afforded me a greater insight into my clinical therapy approaches in dealing more effectively with the comprehensive issues of individuals with this or similar health challenges.

One of my greatest gifts, besides my life, is my enhanced physical exercise commitment. I have become a dedicated walker. In 2011 I completed the Susan B. Komen sponsored Race for the Cure. I completed the three-day, 60 mile walk around Clearwater and St. Petersburg.  I never believed that I could walk 20 miles today….yet I did! My next adventure is the October 2013, two-day 40 mile Avon Breast Cancer walk in New York City.  Blessings come in different sizes and shapes, and who knew that this would be one of mine.

I have learned and relearned that essentially all we really are is consciousness and thought. I believed I can get through these experiences, and I did. I somehow knew that if I could do it in the situation, that I can apply it to others in my future. I believe that this is the essential nature of life, and the way we develop and modify our coping skills will get us through the different challenges in life, and is a fundamental philosophy of my role as a therapist. As the Buddha said "All that we are is the result of what we have thought".


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