Jeanette Bevilacqua, ARNP, Ed.D


                     GO BEYOND TALK THERAPY

I have selected BodyTalk as the primary complementary holistic system to integrate into the therapy process.  I have found BodyTalk to be the most comprehensive, objective, safe, fast and efficient energy-medicine based system… and have studied and practiced this as a certified practitioner since 1999 and instructor since 2002. I have also studied the most advanced BodyTalk theory under the PaRama System, taking my practice to its highest level.

Once considered  ”out of the box”  and controversial, energy-medicine in general, the concept of quantum theory and BodyTalk specifically has now been more accepted for its clinical effectiveness.  Current scientific inquiry has validated the mind-body continuum and the effect of energy-medicine in health and wellness.

After orientation and consent, BodyTalk is incorporated generally onto the middle third of the therapy session, leaving the majority of time at the beginning and end for discussion.  While the client is in a relaxed reclining position I will look for a muscle biofeedback response  (usually from the arm or hand)  to a series of determined protocol questions.   This muscle testing or kinesiology response is often associated with the underlying physiological dynamics of  a lie-detector  or polygraph  test reading, that is the body-mind’s ability to respond physically to a “yes/no” question.  Is’s like there is an Innate body wisdom that knows when something is out of alignment, and the system is designed for self-correction, this time with the assistance of this technique.  The body doesn’t lie, and can be consulted to give


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