Jeanette Bevilacqua, ARNP, Ed.D
             Essential wellness is an appproach to healthy living in
                             mind, body and spiri


          It is indeed a unique opportunity, honor and a privilege to participate in another person’s life, especially in times of stress and upheaval. As a nurse practitioner psychotherapist I am called upon to assist in the emotional growth of a person through counseling and education to interrupt negative thought patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors. This is work that requires heart and soul, patience, compassion, sensitivity, comfort with dealing with sensitive situations, and a firm base of clinical knowledge and experience.

          For over 30 years now I have studied health, emotions, family and interpersonal dynamics and holistic care. My initial career in nursing gave me extensive experience with emotional problems in acute and chronic psychiatric hospitals, and has prepared me for the clinical realities of private practice. My educational career at the University level teaching in the colleges of nursing and counseling education has increased the depth of my knowledge, and my ability to explain the complexity of emotional and behavioral and physiological reactions. My background in nursing has provided me with the unique knowledge about how the body-mind operates in health and disease, including prevention and treatment strategies. Thus, my career has gone from psychotherapy practice to education and back again providing me with the vast perspective from which to make clinical decisions that are personalized for you.

          Therapy is a unique goal directed process where for a determined period of time, you in essence, hire me as your emotional coach to assist you in where “you are off of your game." The process is designed to seek effective coping strategies to not only survive the current stress, but to thrive from the process of self-discovery and determined action. This not only keeps you from developing unwanted dependencies and further self-doubt, but mostly allows you to become self- empowered and the true conductor of your life.  Despite my formal clinical background, my philosophy is to not-pathologize, but to look at symptoms as messages from within, trying to get our attention. It's helpful to look at “a breakdown” as a “breakthrough,” hopefully with all the wisdom gained from this life experience as necessary for growth.

Individual, Family, Couple & Group Psychotherapy

Holistic Mind-Body Therapy

Seminars & Retreats

Dr. Jeanette Bevilacqua is a clinical specialist in psychiatric mental health nursing and is licensed in Florida as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. (ARNP, 920292). Jeanette started our nursing career as a diploma graduate from Manhattan State Hospital School of Nursing.  She completed the Baccalaureate in Nursing as well as a Masters in Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing from New York University. On the way toward the doctoral degree from Teachers College - Columbia University she attained a Master’s in Education, only to leave New York City before completion. She finally achieved the Doctor of Education from Nova University.  Jeanette also served as a Lieutenant in the Navy Nurse Corps Reserves during Desert Storm.


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